How to Approach a random girl

Are you struggling for getting girlfriend ? for love or maybe having sex .
so i have three tips for you that can help you to approach random girls .
here is my 3 best tips that can make you a man that girls want to date or sex. Before applying my any tip i want to tell you one thing most of boys didn’t take care of self means they don’t care about self hygiene. they don’t care about Personal grooming. so first thing first if you didn’t care yourself no one will fucking care about you. first give values to your self and then trying to get girls, Success or anything. i hope you understand. and if you want to know some more so also see the videos that i mention in this blog that can help you to do things better way. 

Read this blog till end

1 The three seconds rule.

if you reading this ! that mean you desperate to get a girl. so here is my tip number one
The 3 seconds rule (i call it take your ass). you saw a random girl somewhere in your college,in office,bus stand or maybe airport
you found she is so sexy,so hot,so beautiful etc etc and you want to talk or maybe you want her number. so don’t think to much about how to talk or how impress her. take action
in next three seconds go talk to her. no matter what you talk
only matter one thing that how you talk . just talk to her don’t make any sense of your words just talk to that damn girl. if you didn’t talk to her in next three seconds when you saw her and find beautiful,sexy etc. and you just thinking about how to talk , or pickup line or something. honestly my friend

you’re fucked. game over!
you gone stuck in your own mind.

so If you want to talk to her go talk to her in next three seconds 

apply this first tip this can help you to improve your approaching but always remember one thing she is girl so don’t make her uncomfortable you’re a man so behave like a man. talk to her with honesty and decency. as i say, no matter what you talk. only matters how you talk.

Check Video below for know about how to talk to girls and control their mind

2 Looks always matters

Now some peoples thinks i am just ugly i can’t get a girl this tip is not for me. so read this one more time. looks always matter. that don’t mean you’re physical appearance is not good or you’re not handsome or something as i say in start grooming is one of the main key to impress or approach girls. it doesn’t matter what kind of shape are you in or how your face looking . just make yourself your best version. if you’re not so handsome that’s okay. but if you’re not groom well that’s not okay.
that’s a big big problem. because girls love boys that have good dressing sense and well grooming .

3 Girl Doesn’t give a fuck about you

Before approaching any girl just know one thing you’re a man and you have to show her your existence in this world, you have to take your first move. she doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings or your existence. Show her how good you are. make her feel good with you. as i say it doesn’t matter what you talk only matters how you talk. talk with her like a sweet and honest man. just start your conversation with her like take her opinion on some debate or show her memes or something and just start your conversation . and when you start your conversation with her  listen her don’t cut her words. first listen and then talk. girls like to talk but they like more if someone listen their words. 

Check this video for know more about how to approach girls in first meet.

if you think that’s it so yes there are no rocket science to attract any girl. you have to do just three simple steps . these basic steps can give you more confidence and make you more nice and attractive personalty. so stop wasting your time in searching useless thousands of content that give you same advice again and again. i told you this three things can make you a better person in your life. i don’t have a motivation for anyone for getting a girl or something because there is nothing like a motivation. because you know your life more than me. fuck others you have to decide about yourself you have to take actions. because in the end only you’re the man that enjoying sex or relationship.

If you applying this three tips i m damn sure you’ll get girl that you want but apply this with all efforts and also check videos that i mention in this blog to know more about this topic.

Have a good day !